Retractable Screen Door Features



Arizona Breeze Retractable Screen Doors are the ultimate solution for allowing fresh air into your home while keeping unwanted pests outside where they belong.  When you need a screen door, you simply pull the handle across your doorway where it is latched by a full-length, rust-proof magnetic strip.  This full-length magnet creates a more secure latch that will hold the door in place against wind and small pets.  When you don’t want the screen door, simply release the magnetic catch by the handle and Arizona Breeze Retractable Screen Doors’ retract system will roll the screen back into its housing, almost like it’s in its original packaging.  Keeping the screens retracted when not in use will keep them dry and clean – no more removing and storing screens in the winter!


Arizona Breeze Retractable Screen Doors’ patented frame design provides the most secure top and bottom track system which ensures the screen will provide a complete seal around your door, keeping low crawling critters and other bugs and insects from coming through the screen. Frames are available in 5 different colors that will either match or compliment your door frame or home.  Every frame is powder-coated extruded aluminum.


The screen itself is a 25-year tested nylon mesh product that is specifically designed to retract over and over.  Every door is custom-sized, meaning the door is measured, cut and designed at your home-site to ensure a perfect fit.  When an authorized Arizona Breeze Retractable Screen Doors dealer visits your home, they will demonstrate how the door will work on your home, show color choices and how the door will look on the home, then you will have the option to have the door installed that day, making the visit a convenient, one-time appointment.


All authorized dealers provide installers trained and supported by DC Solution, llc., who have been exclusively installing and supporting Arizona Breeze Retractable Screen Doors for over 12 years and have installed over 5,000 doors in the Prescott, Phoenix, and Verde Valley, Arizona, areas.  This level of experience will guarantee that your door will work flawlessly when installed and provide lasting functionality.


Arizona Breeze Retractable Screen Doors are low maintenance for the home owner.  When not in use, the screens are protected from dirt, inclement weather and sun.  The only attention needed by the owner is to vacuum out the bottom track every 2-3 months to remove loose dirt, and then spray a small amount of a spray lemon furniture polish to the bottom and top tracks to lubricate and help repel dirt.  And of course, keep them retracted in their protective housing when they’re not in use.