Q – Can I purchase the doors directly from you and do my own installation?
A – Unfortunately, we can only guarantee our doors if we install them ourselves. If you are outside of our service area, however, we can make arrangements for you to purchase the door directly.

Q – What are the doors made of?
A – The frame is a powder-coated aluminum, and the screen is nylon mesh. (See Features for more details)

Q – Do the doors work with dogs and cats?
A – The doors are very durable and resilient to pets and the possibility of them running into and through the door. Most pets learn quickly and typically stay away from them.

Q – How long does it take to get my door installed?
A – When you call, we can give you a price quote over the phone and then set up an appointment. When a technician comes to your home, he will show you how the retractable screen door will fit in your doorway, show you different colored frames, and if you decide you want the screen door, install it while he’s there. This makes for an easy, one appointment visit. The actual installation of a door takes about an hour. From your first phone call, we can usually have a door in your home within a week or two.

Q – What if my door is not a standard size?
A – One of the benefits of Arizona Breeze Retractable Screen Doors is that we inventory rough length doors so that we can custom cut and fit each piece on site to fit your doorway.

Q – How long have you been in business?
A – Arizona Breeze Retractable Screen Doors has been installing retractable screen doors since 2004 and has installed over 5,000 doors in the Prescott, Verde Valley, and Phoenix, AZ markets.

Q – What if I need a service call?
A – Our philosophy is that your door working great is our best advertising. This is why we are always quick to take care of any issues you might have.